Emergency Fund Supports the Community

The Bedfordshire Coronavirus Emergency Fund raises over £640,000 in just 6 weeks!

Since launching the fund on 23rd March 2020, as an immediate response to the UK Government’s Lockdown instructions, we have raised £644K in just over 6 weeks. With the help of our fantastic partners and generous funders, this money has already started to make a difference in our community, as small, local charities respond to the pandemic and upscale and adapt their services to meet the needs of their users.

To date 109 emergency grants have been awarded across Bedfordshire. Requests for funding include:

  • Food and Hygiene Provision and Delivery
  • Overcoming Isolation through Telephone Services and Befriending Schemes
  • Mental Health and Well-being Provision for all Age Groups
  • Poverty, Disadvantage and Homelessness
  • Violence, Abuse and Sexual Exploitation
  • Family Support and Basic Provision
  • Staff and Equipment Needs to enable Groups to Work from Home

The response has been incredible and we are receiving daily feedback on the impact this funding is having. Chris Stelling, CEO for Carers in Bedfordshire said:

“We support over 7,000 unpaid carers across Bedfordshire all of whom have been impacted by the Coronavirus. Many carers rely on services run by organisations such as ourselves to maintain their well being in very challenging circumstances. Almost overnight these services stopped and we have subsequently received an unprecedented number of calls. In response we have invested in additional resource and digital infrastructure to ensure that we can still reach those carers who we believe are most vulnerable and build a service offering that can withstand further challenges that lie ahead. Without funding from the Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation we would not have been able to respond so rapidly. “

This Fund is now CLOSED. To see the criteria or apply click here.

The Foundation would like to thank everyone involved for the speed and collaborative response to this remarkable time in our history. We are all in this together and the spirit and approach that has been applied to this work is something that collectively we should be very proud of. #NeverMoreNeeded

Take a look at this video to see the types of initiatives we are funding:

Charities In Crisis – Mind BLMK