Need in Bedfordshire and Luton

Bedfordshire is typically perceived as a fairly prosperous and vibrant part of the UK and the majority of people in the county enjoy a good quality of life. At the same time, however, there are pockets of deprivation and disadvantage that exist across the county and a real need to invest in key areas, specifically our ageing population, young people, skills and employability, disability and health and wellbeing.

Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation was established to help address these and other emerging needs. Through our research, experience and understanding of local need, our purpose is to enable donors to undertake informed and targeted grantmaking to the causes they care about.

Quality Accreditation and governance

Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation is Quality Accredited by UK Community Foundations (UKCF). Formally acknowledged and recognised by the Charity Commission for England and Wales, Quality Accreditation is a programme which endorses and encourages best practice by Community Foundations. Achieving Quality Accreditation demonstrates that a community foundation delivers to a good standard and is serious about quality and accountability.

We view corporate governance as one of our most important responsibilities. Public confidence in the transparency and accountability of the work of charities has never been more important. Our promise to donors is that, whatever the size and nature of their contribution, they can be sure it is going straight to where it is needed and will do most good.

Want a Company Fund?

Working in partnership with professional advisors helping you to exceed client expectations

Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation (BLCF) is an independent, non-profit organisation and is registered both as a charity and a company.

Established in 2001, we are part of a national network of community foundations whose aim is to improve the quality of life for local residents through encouraging local giving. The Foundation manages funds on behalf of our donors, undertakes strategic grant making and contributes to achieving positive social change for the long term. We make hundreds of donations annually, exceeding over £6m in grants since we started out from a first year donation of £6000.

We provide comprehensive support to those who are interested in making a difference to those who are disadvantaged and in need locally, helping donors achieve their charitable wishes and building stronger communities for the benefit of Bedfordshire and Luton.

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Our work with professional advisors

We have found that there is growing interest amongst individuals wanting to learn more about philanthropy and effective charitable giving and the options open to them. Good advice in this area is important.

Working together we can provide a fully inclusive offering to help you meet your client’s charitable goals and exceed their expectations in terms of the range of options open to them. Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, financial planner, investment adviser, or have a specific interest in the technical aspects of planned giving, by combining your expertise with our experience, together we can ensure that your client’s charitable giving meets the causes they wish to support.

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We provide a range of options for private clients who are interested in:

  • Setting up a personal fund
  • Transferring the burden of running a charitable trust
  • Leaving a legacy or gift in their will
  • Setting up an “in Memory” Fund

You will find information on these aspects of charitable giving in the Professional Advisers Pack. Please contact us: