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Bedfordshire Crimebeat

Grants of up to £1,000 are available to support and enable qualifying projects tackling issues of Community Safety, Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour reduction for children and young people.

Available throughout Bedfordshire
Rolling Programme – Applications can be made anytime.
Awards given 3 times a year.



For more than 1,000 years, High Sheriffs have had responsibility for upholding law and order and today still work closely with the police, the judiciary, local authorities, education, and other agencies. In part, this is done through the network of local Crimebeat schemes which High Sheriffs have set up in their counties.

Bedfordshire Crimebeat is a charity that supports young people to enable them to undertake projects which serve their community. Since its inception, the charity has enabled the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire to play an active role in the prevention and reduction of juvenile crime.

Bedfordshire Crimebeat awards grants to groups working with young people (aged between 5 and 25) for projects which contain a significant element of community safety or citizenship work and allow young people to tackle the problems of their community themselves.

Since its inception, Crimebeat has consistently delivered projects that place young people at the heart of improving local quality of life. These youngsters have played an active role in finding positive alternatives to crime and disorder, raising social and environmental awareness and reducing risks to health and safety, whilst all the time encouraging respect between different sections of the community.

There have been many projects to date which have included tackling underage drinking, drugs, vandalism, graffiti and more recently, text bullying and cyber-crime.


Funding to Groups

Funding of up to £1,000 is available to support and enable qualifying projects that are actively seeking to avoid or reduce criminal and anti-social activity within specific groups or more generally. Whilst projects may be devised by either adults or young people, the management and delivery of the project itself must include extensive involvement of young people. For more information please contact the team via [email protected]

Funding is also available towards transport costs for lower, middle & primary schools and the lower age range academy’s to visit Hazard Alley Safety Centre in Milton Keynes. Funding towards the cost of transport for visits to Hazard Alley is limited to one visit per school in any three year period.

Application forms for this grant are currently being updated, please check back shortly to access the relevant links

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Support of Crimebeat and our young people gives them an opportunity to improve our communities throughout Bedfordshire. Even a small contribution will provide enormous benefits out of all proportion to any investment. ALL money donated by individuals and grantmaking bodies is spent on projects covering the entire county.