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Community Investment Fund

Community Investment Fund (CIF) aims to provide significant and sustainable funding to organisations that can deliver against the main objectives of this fund. LLAL recognises that charitable organisations have a major and key role in contributing to the delivery of priority outcomes in the medium- to long-term.

Over £10,000 to £400,000*
Luton Only

* If you are applying on behalf of a consortium of groups please speak with the Relationship Manager at BLCF to discuss your application BEFORE submission.

LLAL Community Investment Fund (CIF)

The LLAL CIF (formerly the LLAL Partnership fund) has been operating since 2013 in partnership with Luton Borough Council to achieve priority outcomes for the communities in Luton. In October 2019, Bedfordshire & Luton Community Foundation (BLCF) became the awarding body to administer the CIF – the first time an external organisation has managed the fund.


Key priority areas for CIF and applying for a grant

This fund provides grants to key community groups focusing on the following 5 key areas:

  • Securing a strong economic recovery from COVID-19, which protects jobs, incomes, and  businesses and enable us to build a more inclusive economy
  • Protecting the most disadvantaged in our town by prioritising services and interventions that  focus  on prevention, alleviate the impact of poverty, and reduce health inequalities
  • Making Luton a child-friendly town, where our children and young people grow up feeling  happy, healthy, and secure, with a voice that matters and the opportunities they need to thrive
  • Becoming a greener and more sustainable town, to meet our long-term ambition to be carbon neutral and climate resilient by 2040
  • A strong and empowered community supporting fairness, equality, and local pride and speaking with a powerful voice
Applicants applying for this fund will need to demonstrate that the services they are intending to provide will meet the priority outcomes of the LLAL CIF themes. We would strongly recommend that you speak with the Foundation team before applying on 01525 306 690

Decisions will be made by a community panel on an annual basis, who best understand their local area and the change they want to see.

Please note that although multi-year funding is envisaged in the longterm for this fund, at present it is likely that only funding applications for one year will be considered.

Full criteria for the fund can be downloaded here: CIF Criteria

Applications will reopen in Autumn 2021.