Giving or Donating

There are important needs and good causes here in Bedfordshire and Luton to inspire your charitable passions and interests no matter what they are.

Local community and voluntary groups and our programmes get to people and problems others cannot reach; they make our community stronger and help local people thrive.

Whether you are an individual, company, trust or statutory authority, we offer a simple, flexible and effective way to make a difference in the community. As a community foundation, we use our unrivalled local expertise to help you target your investment and ensure that it creates the greatest possible outcomes for the people who you want to reach.

No matter what the size or type of gift you want to make, we will make sure your giving is effective, rewarding, enjoyable and hassle free. There has never been a better time to get involved.

Make a donation?

We are happy to accept online donations via our Total Giving Site.

Please go online and see how you can help or donate to BLCF. If you have a specific area of interest that you would like to give to, we also have some themed funds that you might be interested in supporting. Please become our supporter and join our community.

Please contact on other ways to give.


Benefits of giving through Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation

  • Creating a collaborative momentum which advances the work collectively rather than relying on individual efforts.
  • In the long term, building up a central bank of guidance, advice, and resources for other foundations in the sector to use.
  • Setting a precedent and sending a signal to other foundations as to the importance of this work in making us more effective grantmakers and providing tangible UK examples of implementation demonstrating success and mistakes.
  • We are excited at the prospect of our foundation implementing this groundbreaking work and will be posting regular updates as to progress.
  • For further information please contact us at