BLCF Evolve - Elements-05

Women helping women in the Bedfordshire Community!

Practical training and support Facilitate entrepreneurship, grants and social banking

Tackle poverty and homelessness

Proven activities and programmes to address and improve physical and mental wellbeing

Address issues of violence and safety

Deliver business mentoring and opportunities to develop economic self-sufficiency to enhance prospects for the future. Application to Women bursary

Promote education and literacy and IT

What is EVOLVE about?

EVOLVE is not a talking shop or a forum for networking – our call to action is to smart, visionary women who have a real wish to address social injustice by transforming their own communities through donations or deeds.

The core purpose of EVOLVE is to pursue gender equality at a local level, providing a safe space for intelligent and purposeful conversations between women which lead to defined actions and the provision of resources for voluntary organisations in Bedfordshire, which support women.


EVOLVE has an independent Board with its own governance, trustees and leadership. It manages…

  • A Membership of Bedfordshire Women Leaders
  • A budget created by membership fees, utilised for Networking, Events and seed fund Bursary
  • Development of a Network Events Programme (to mobilise, engage and measure success)
  • Celebrating voices and stories of women working with BLCF
  • Act as a Grant Panel for Women’s Led Funding Programmes

EVOLVE – The Membership

The membership is fundamental to the function and future sustainability of EVOLVE, with the Board members determining how they can improve the value that they provide to the organisation.

Keeping up with new forms of communication, while developing services that will reflect the challenges that members face, staying relevant and reflecting women interests with tangible benefits and positive outcomes in return for the annual membership subscription fee. e.g. profile enhancement, work/life balance solutions, directed discoveries, creative enrichment and targeted help/support.

We have a range of membership options available

Membership Status Details
Women-Only (charitable group / organisation) £20 directly to MWF
Original (individual) £70 including £20 directly to MWF
*Charities £70 including £20 directly to MWF
*Business (up to 50 employees) £120 including £40 directly to MWF
*Corporate (over 00 employees) £500 including £150 directly to MWF

Useful information

*Within the Charities / Business / Corporate Memberships all female employees have access to the benefits and offers (by default), however each person will need to register their details with Evolve.

For more information and, or an application form please contact;

Administration: [email protected]01525 306690

Please note! Honorary memberships are occasionally awarded by the Board of Trustees, to organisations or individuals who have delivered a service free of charge, donated goods or funds to EVOLVE. For more information contact Administration on the details above.

In Partnership

We work closely with Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation (BLCF).  BLCF offer a trusted, sustainable, and ethical process to reach out to women in Bedfordshire Communities to…

  • Help maintain EVOLVE’s work with admin and marketing support
  • Provide regular financial statements, safeguard incoming funds and manage grant payments
  • Develop, secure and launch funds regarding women’s issues and address their needs
  • Support EVOLVE in co-ordinating Event Programmes, Networking and Fund Raising
  • Manage and broker relationships for ‘Women in Need’ via Community Partners – Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) who work directly with female related issues
  • Gather evidence of need from Community Partners and share with the network of EVOLVE

If you have a desire to promote the welfare of others, interested in Philanthropy or wish to utilise your skills please complete the Membership Application Form below.

Main Contact


E: [email protected]

T: 01525 306690


Key Members

Patron: Lady Clifford

President: Pauline A. Stewart

Chair: Viviane Vayssieres

BLCF Chief Executive: Karen Perkins

Evolve Membership Form

Evolve Membership Form

Personal Information

Post Code

Equalities & Diversity

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

What Skills Can You Offer

Your Current Work / Role

What will you bring to the Membership Network?

Membership required:


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Name: Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation

Reference: EVOLVE

Sort code: 600708

Account No: 36371106

Membership will be taken by Direct Debit where appropriate.