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Small Grants Fund

Luton Rising Small Grants (formerly London Luton Airport Ltd (LLAL)), provides short term funding to not-for-profit groups that can deliver in Luton against the main objectives of this fund.

Luton Only

This fund is administered by BLCF on behalf of Luton Rising. Grants of up to £10,000 can be considered, generally but not necessarily limited to one year only to support community and voluntary activity in Luton.


The main objectives (summarised) for this fund are:

  • Securing a strong economic recovery
  • Protecting the most disadvantaged in our town
  • Making a child-friendly town
  • Becoming greener and more sustainable town
  • A strong and empowered community

For more detailed information about these objectives, including key outcomes that groups should be looking to achieve can be found in the criteria document here.

Applicants applying for this fund will need to demonstrate that the services they are intending to provide will meet these key objectives and outcomes. We would strongly recommend that you speak with the Foundation team before applying on 01525 306 690

Decisions will be made by a community panel, who meet on a regular basis, who best understand their local area and the change they want to see.

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