Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation is committed to transforming the way we distribute funding to ensure it is equitable, transparent and representative.

We believe it is imperative for philanthropy to become more equitable, diverse and inclusive in its practices for three main reasons:

  1. Advance the common good. Those of us in philanthropy have dedicated ourselves to promoting the common good. Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our organisations and grantmaking helps us live up to our values.
  2. Increase effectiveness. Diverse perspectives within foundations can help build better relationships with grantees, improve team problem-solving, and lead to better outcomes.
  3. Enhance impact. The communities we serve, our partners in business and government, are becoming increasingly diverse. We need to understand and reflect this rich variety of perspectives in order to achieve greater impact.
How BLCF are

Delivering This Commitment

BLCF is proud to be an Associate Member of BAOBAB Foundation, an alliance of local and national community organisations, private sector organisations, private philanthropists and trusts & foundations committed to empowerment and putting power where it matters -> with the community. We are also an active member of The Funders for Race Equalities Alliance, a group of charitable foundations working together to achieve race equality in the UK. The aim of the alliance is to increase funders’ focus on race equality; seeking more and better funding for race equality, with a key focus on BAME-led organisations; and improving meaningful racial representation within foundations.

In delivering this BLCF has, in the last 12 months, distributed over £700,000 in Emergency Covid grants.

BLCF Work Focuses On

Developing DEI & the Sector

In 2018 BLCF led an innovative project to bring community foundations together to understand DEI and to provide information and support to implement change. The work led to the creation of a DEI Coalition of 17 organisations committed to change and has gone on to inform the work of the national body for Community Foundations; The UK Community Foundation.

BLCF continues to grow its knowledge, partnerships and skills in the area of DEI and has expertise on its Trustee board and staff team and through its associates and partners.

Education & Impact

DEI Resources

In developing the DEI Coalition, a number of workshops were delivered with sessions drawing on leaders in the sector for their insights. The resources created and shared are listed below and are freely available for download.

Understanding definitions of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
These resources focussed on understanding the definitions of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and discussing why this work was important for Foundations.


Understanding Equality

Unpicking the terms Equity/Equality/Inequality and Understanding the picture of inequality in the UK with Fahmida

Understanding Inequality Slides

Summary Notes

BLCF Funded Project

Equity & Inequality

Understanding the impact of Covid 19 on marginalised groups. Analysing the latest research into the disproportional impact on specific communities and discussing how foundations can provide an appropriate response

All downloadable documents:

ONS Coronavirus and the social impacts on disabled people in Great Britain.
Are some ethnic groups more vulnerable to COVID-19 than others
Nusrat’s Presentation
Grantmaking Checklist
Crises Collide Women and Covid19