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The Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation

Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation (BLCF) is the leading local grantmaker in the county. We are passionate about improving the lives of people in Bedfordshire and Luton and we are known for our ground-breaking initiatives, for our investment in supporting local charities and for our deep relationships with grassroots groups in our area.


Our Priority Areas of Need

The communities of Bedfordshire face challenges to their daily lives due to the impact of post Covid-19 economic recovery and Long Covid’s impact on health, education, employment, and economic growth.
A skills shortage exists, and although some areas see high employment, the quality of that employment is below average, forcing many to take multiple roles to cover basic needs.

Our new priority needs will address overarching themes and in turn interconnected themes:


Eradicate Poverty in our County

Poverty exists in our county and this creates economic insecurity, isolation, and marginalisation. We believe that inequality lies at the heart of issues of poverty and are taking a systemic approach to addressing this at a local level. We are using our local knowledge and national leadership to support and advise donors on the projects that can make a meaningful difference to the most disadvantaged individuals and communities.

“We build partnerships which connect donors with local projects to strengthen the communities in Bedfordshire and Luton.”

Apply for a grant

All our funds are listed in the Apply For Grants section of our website together with a criteria and application form. First read our eligibility criteria on the link below.

Make a donation

As an independent local grantmaker, we support voluntary and community groups working for the benefit of people living within Luton and Bedfordshire. We award all our grants from the numerous funds we manage on behalf of statutory agencies, private donors, companies and local families

Create a Healthy Bedfordshire

Our research has stressed the importance of providing advice and support to empower anyone experiencing health, wellbeing or issues surrounding serious illness. As a foundation we look to fund groups and projects which improve services, raise awareness, and promote understanding of all aspects of health, and which offer respect and dignity to people in the pursuit of positive solutions.

Grow Stronger Communities

We continue to help build a Bedfordshire that truly thrives – one that is welcoming, collaborative, and inclusive. By partnering with a wide range of responsible businesses, local people, and national organisations, we ensure a cohesive and targeted approach to our work.
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