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360 Giving

Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation are undertaking a process of greater transparency in our funding distribution and the first step of this is the utilisation of the 360giving platform. This platform is being used by foundations nationally to provide some clarity as to which organisations are being funded.

We believe that with better information, grantmakers can be more effective and strategic decision makers. 360Giving provides support for grantmakers to publish their grants data openly, to understand their data, and to use the data to create online tools that make grant making more effective. For more information, visit

As a tool, we hope this platform provides some generic information about our funding but we would caution against using this data to analyse and calculate the funding distribution to specified communities, by itself. That analysis is a much more complicated and in depth exercise which we are undertaking using a standardised methodology and definitions set up by the Funders Alliance for Race Equality.


The Funders Alliance initial trial of the Audit Tool, enabled foundations for the first time to use agreed definitions, sampling methods and analysis tools to accurately calculate funding to specified communities. This work has already begun at BLCF and as soon as it is completed, we will again ensure that it is available to view on this website. Throughout the year, we will then use the tool to undertake an analysis for other marginalised communities based on the protected characteristics. If you do have any questions or comment, please contact [email protected]

We aim to post our data annually at the end of each financial year. Using the 360Giving data standard, our awarded grants since 2018 are available below:

You can use the GrantNav to search, filter and download data about where funding goes and how much is given for causes and locations across the UK.

Combine and visualise 360Giving and charity data to understand the data better.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit This means the data is freely accessible to anyone to be used and shared as they wish. The data must be attributed to Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation.