How to Give

Professional Adviser Tools

The Community Foundation can be your partner when advising your clients. Developing a charitable plan that takes into account your client’s financial and charitable needs is no small task. As a professional advisor, the opportunity you have to help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals is both a privilege and a challenge.

We consider lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, financial planners, insurance agents and other professionals who have relationships with donors to be our valued partners in charitable giving.


Our Work with Professional Advisers

We have found that there is growing interest amongst individuals wanting to learn more about philanthropy and effective charitable giving and the options open to them.

Good advice in this area is important. Working together we can provide a fully inclusive offering to help you meet your client’s charitable goals and exceed their expectations in terms of the range of options open to them. Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, financial planner, investment adviser, or have a specific interest in the technical aspects of planned giving, by combining your expertise with our experience in advising on philanthropy, together, we can ensure that your client’s charitable giving meets the causes they wish to support.


We provide a range of options for private clients who are interested in:

  • Setting up a personal fund
  • Transferring the burden of running a charitable trust
  • Leaving a legacy or gift in their will
  • Setting up an “in Memory” Fund

You will find information on these aspects of charitable giving in the Professional Advisers tools below.

You can download each individual insert or the whole pack as a pdf document.

Leaving a will
Quality Mark
Compare Trusts
Memory Funds
Charity Transfers
Dormant Trusts
Personal Fund