Support Us With Our

Luton Hardship Fund Appeal

More and more local businesses are contacting us asking how they can help with ensuring that families and individuals are able to cope with the unprecedented rise in basic living costs this year.

While government support is important, it is not enough for many families, or disabled and elderly people who are struggling to make ends meet – and having to make the difficult choice between heating and eating.

The impact of this crisis is triple on the children who live in Luton. After two years of disrupted education for all, too many children are facing additional challenges as they struggle to catch up with their learning while cold and hungry. Schools are daily approaching our partners in the community to ask for emergency child and family support.

Working with these partners in the community (Food Banks and key charitable partners), we have identified what would help families most to reduce costs and stay warm and fed. Your business can work with us to raise funds to provide one or more of four different Warm and Fed Packs:

  1. Small Warmth Pack (individual or couple) – Slow cooker, flask, blanket, hot water bottle                 £60.50
  2. Large Warmth Pack (Family) – Slow cooker, 2 x flasks, 2 x blankets, 2 x hot water bottles                 £121.00
  3. Child’s Education Warmth Pack – Coat, scarf, hat, gloves, jumper, pyjamas, socks, hoodie blanket £114.40
  4. Home Warmth & Light Pack – Efficient plug in radiator, wind-up lantern, 2 x blankets                 £93.50

About the Luton Hardship Fund

Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation have established a year round Hardship Fund to support those struggling in our county. This appeal aims to raise money to help vulnerable individuals & families, working with selected community partners to support those most in need. We believe that no one should have to go without the basic necessities, including affording to heat their homes, have access to hot water or basic white goods essentials.

Your donation will make a difference this winter.


Small Print: Packs listed are indicative, and will vary according to individual need. A small admin fee (9%) will support the partner organisations and BLCF to operate the fund.