Luton Youth Fund

This fund is aimed at supporting young people aged between 11 and 18 across Luton.

£1,500 to £50,000*

Key priorities

The fund is targeted to maintain programmes for tackling the following:

The exploitation of children and young people such as gang associated behavior, serious youth violence or sexual exploitation, which encompass a multi-agency approach.

This fund is aimed at supporting young people aged between 11 and 18 across Luton. Bids are assessed by a panel made up of adults and young people from Luton with an interest in youth work. All successful applicants will be expected to be able to assess the impact of their work very clearly.

To read the criteria for this grant please click > CRITERIA
The Application Form can be found here > APPLICATION

This fund CLOSES at 5pm on Monday 20 December 2021.

Grants available:

The fund is divided into 4 streams as follows:

1 – Funding up to £1,500 to help small organisations working on specific issues under the above criteria.

2 – Funding up to £10,000 to be made to more established groups working on the issues under the above criteria.

3 – Funding up to £20,000 for grants to be made for substantial projects that are able to deliver significant predicted outcomes and demonstrate multi-agency partnership working.

4 – Funding up to £50,000 The fourth stream is a larger project fund offering awards up to £50,000. Only a few awards per year are likely to be made from this stream each year.

To find out more and make an application to this fund please email Breege Begley here.