Community Catalysts

Community Catalysts is a social enterprise working across the UK to try to make sure that people who need care and support to live their lives can get help in ways, times and places that suit them, with real choice of attractive local options. We help local people use their energies and talents to deliver sustainable community micro-enterprises that can support other local people, creating jobs and volunteering opportunities.

Community Micro-enterprise Project in Central Bedfordshire

Community Catalysts has been working in Central Bedfordshire since 2018 and have supported the development and growth of community micro- enterprises in the area that provide a wide range of help and support for older and disabled people.  You can find a range of existing community micro- enterprises on our website Small Good Stuff

As of July 2022, Community Catalysts have employed 2 new local Catalysts – Marjan Sousa and Mandy Burridge – to support entrepreneurs across the whole of the County over a 3-year period to build on this early work. See below for details.

Community Micro-enterprise

People with talents, passion and local knowledge run community enterprises. They all aim to make a difference to the lives of local people. Our project has a focus on enterprises that support older or disabled people who need some care or help to live a good life. They all:

  • have 8 or fewer full-time staff or volunteers
  • are independent of any larger organisation.
  • are set up in many different and creative ways such as: sole trader, partnership, small business, social enterprise, charity or voluntary organisation.

Support from the Community Micro-enterprise Project

Community Catalysts has a huge amount of experience helping local people establish community micro-enterprises. We run a development programme which can:

  • offer a friendly and supportive point of contact to explore ideas
  • support to develop a community micro-enterprise
  • give practical information on regulation, training and opportunities in the health and social care sector
  • direct people to other organisations who can help

Community Catalysts and Central Bedfordshire

With a strong foundation of community micro-enterprises developed over the last few years, we’re expanding the project to provide more opportunity for local people to set up their own enterprise and help other local people, that need a bit of care and support, to live a great life.

Invite your new local Catalysts, Marjan and Mandy, to develop creative solutions that work well for everyone

Ian Hanton Development & Commissioning Manager

Social Care, Health and Housing

What might this mean for local people?

Community Catalysts can support people who are currently running a community micro-enterprise that helps disabled or older people at home and the community. We can also help people who are interested in starting a new community enterprise.

We would also like to stay connected with people, organisations, businesses or groups across the County who have an interest in building stronger communities.

Get in touch

Mandy Burridge is employed by Community Catalysts and is covering the North of the County. Contact her on:  [email protected] or 07741 260675

Marjan Sousa is employed by Community Catalysts and is covering the South.

Contact her on: [email protected] or 07435 943869