This grant was provided to fund community drop-in service where they provided a number of different activities including exercise classes, introductory/basic skills (counselling, first aid etc) as well as other wellbeing activities. We have raised awareness around a number of issues as well as conducting general fitness sessions.

These included; healthy lifestyles, women’s cancer screening, women and girls sexual health (including issue of FGM and also discussed cultural and faith attitudes preventing women from access services. Fitness activities were run by Active Luton, as well as by other community and voluntary groups and local authority. People left feeling more confident in coming forward with concerns, questions and asking for help , they have improved coping skills and manage their health better. The grant has made a big impact to the users, there has been support to the most vulnerable, information and inclusion , to improve their health and learning, and a coming together of different communities with long term positive relationships being formed. Project Coordinator from DBP.