A social enterprise organisation that were awarded a grant using arts to build confidence, motivation and skills to put on a concert or performance working with local groups and colleges. Funds raised would be donated to local charities the young people choose. The grant covered costs of workshops and sessions to build the young people’s ideas and a case study is provided below from this group.

A young man Ben (not his real name) in his early 20s, from a poor background, lives with a single-parent mother and suffers from mild depression. He has had some university education works adhoc locally in Luton. He loves music, but he is not allowed to express this, because his family thinks this is a waste of time. This project gave Ben, the opportunity to bring together a group of young people like himself together. It gave them the opportunity to engage and express themselves through music. He took a leadership role in the organising the project and feels greatly valued. Ben says he and his friend would do another funding raising concert to support another local charity for Christmas in 2019. The performance took place at The Well in High Town area, Luton which included a discussion and workshop about young people and mental health and how music has helped him and his friends come to terms with various issues in their lives. The performance was free but donations from the audience; (34 young people and a few adults from the community) raised a modest amount for Noah Enterprise.