When I came to The Living Room I had thought I would never be able to tackle my behavioural addictions but had a tiny bit of hope left. When I got here I had already been in residential treatment twice as a result of a daily cocaine problem and a dependency to alcohol.  I was hanging onto my toxic job by a thin thread.  I had hit many rock bottoms before getting to The Living Room (TLR): financial difficulty, loss of friendships, loss of time. I was in a place due to fellowships and experience, where I was free from alcohol and minimal relapses with coke. However my biggest drug of all was a person, and when I got here I really needed help with trying to get away from this toxic situation.  I was also suffering from an eating disorder as well which had never been addressed, including bulimia.

Coming to TLR was my absolute last chance of getting my life on track and thank goodness I found it.  My experience had been one where it has at times got a lot worse before it gets better. I was still trying to balance working a high pressured job. I kept an addiction to sleeping pills quiet, and the end result was an accidental overdose, and a rock bottom where I finally knew I had to commit to recovery full time. So after 22 years of working in the same company I quit and attended TLR 5 days a week.  This has by far been the best decision.

I don’t know what I was expecting from here, after attending previous rehabs I was not expecting the warmth, care and not clock watching approach the counsellors here offer.  They are amazing, and their down-to-earth yet professional manner has made someone who finds it very hard to trust people start to trust.  I was ok with group work as have been in it before, however, having come here for a behavioural addiction I thought it would be laughed at.  This has not been the case.  I don’t think I would be alive today if the counsellors were not so understanding on how serious sex addiction is.

I have literally been guided and supported through some of the hardest withdrawals I have had to face.  I am a few years clean of alcohol. I am over a year clean of coke and prescription meds which is supported by coming here.  I now am as a result of being here 8 months clean of Bulimia.  This has never happened in my whole life and is a direct result of coming to TLR.

I have abstained in my sex addiction and working on my co-dependency is 100%. I did not think this was possible.  Without a shadow of a doubt I would be dead without this place.  I am starting to get a positive life back with positive people.

Thank you